IEEEmadC (Mobile Applications Development Contest) is a new international contest organized by IEEE for all student members across the globe. The main goal of the IEEEmadC is to provide additional competitive activities for students in the scope of computer science. By competing, students would focus on developing their technical, social and team skills. In IEEEmadC, teams of up to three students are invited to devise and develop mobile applications that could contribute to the IEEE community or apply technology for humanity. IEEEmadC is organized in four main stages (Education, Idea, Development and Judging stage) within 5 months from November 2014 until May 2015. We invite all students to participate in this contest and win attractive prizes.

Education stage

Education stage is first stage of the contest that starts on 1st December 2014 and lasts throughout the contest. Educational stage is consisted from several webinaries on mobile application development, workshops and lectures. madC Ambassadors will help us with organizing technical workshops and lectures in their local sections, universities and branches throughout the World.

Idea stage

Idea stage also starts on 1st December 2014 and lasts till 28th February 2015. In this stage students are able to register by submitting their ideas about mobile applications that they would like to develop. All ideas will be evaluated within few days from submission and if accepted participants can start with the app development. All ideas should follow application focus areas published under Rules section on this web page. FluidReview system is used for the submission of ideas and applications.

Development stage

Development stage starts on 1st March 2015 and lasts until 10th April 2015.  Teams whose ideas have been approved will be eligible to submit their apps and other necessary attachments:

  • Screenshots of the working application (minimum 4)
  • Link to the short video showing features of the application (between 30-120 sec.)
  • Application installation files (.apk, .ipa, .xap…)
  • Short (450 words max.) description of usefulness and technical approach and tools used while developing the application
  • Link to the online repository(s) of the application (if the code is published online)

Only full submissions will be reviewed.

Judging stage and Winner announcement

Judging stage starts on 15th April 2015 and lasts for two weeks. Winners will be announced before 1st May 2015.


This year we have better awards for participants for every of 4 categories.

More information can be found here.

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